The Bot

At the bottom of the screen is placed a little Bot controlling by an artificial neural network.

By clicking the empty area the target point is drawn and the Bot will be trying to aim on it. But there's a little problem: the Bot is stupid. It must be trained before it could properly aim on the target.

By clicking the START TRAINING button a training mode is activated. During the training mode at the random point of the screen a target is creating automatically and the Bot is placing at the proper calculated angle for shot.

After each succeed shot the neural network learns the proper angle for the current target coordinates.

With the default hyperparameters it takes about 1000 training shots before the Bot starts to predict the right direction. More accurate results are starting after about 10000 training shots.

Buttons x1 x2 x5 x10 x100 allows to speedup the training process.

If the SHOW LOSS checkbox is active the loss is calculating as a sum of differences between predicted and proper angle value for 4 grey test points.

Created using synaptic.js, Semantic UI, TweenMax and PixiJS by sta-ger.

Source code

Hidden layers
Neurons on hidden layers
Learning rate